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How Does Backflow Occur?

The water supply system is designed to make sure that water flows to your property under pressure. If this pressure isn’t maintained, the water could flow backwards into the water mains.

Water pressure can be impacted when:

  • There is a break in the water main
  • Water is being pumped from the main water supply during a fire
  • Heavy water use downstream reduces water pressure upstream
  • The water outlet at the property is higher than the water main, causing constant back pressure.


Properties That Require Backflow Prevention Devices

A number of different places pose a risk to public health if backflow occurs. These include:

  • Laundromat/Laundries
  • Commercial Car Washes
  • Mechanics
  • Restaurants
  • Sporting Fields / Golf Courses
  • and more


It’s important to understand that the backflow prevention device inspection is mandatory. You will have to have them checked by a fully certified plumber every year. Your local water authority may audit your property to make sure you are compliant with the Backflow Prevention Containment Policy.


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