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    Gas Log Heater Installation in Melbourne

    Gas Log Fire Installation Melbourne


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    We know that braving the cold Melbourne winter is no simple feat, temperatures dropping to 0 degrees in the cold of winter are not pleasant! Although it’s not the coldest place on earth, a little bit of warmth never goes astray – especially when it looks as pretty as it does when coming from a gas log heater!

    A Gas Fireplace is a fantastic alternative to a traditional fireplace for many reasons, for example not having to don your flanny and take a walk to the woods with your axe! Jokes aside, a gas log fire looks the part without any carrying around and storage of timber which might not be suitable for all people and all households.


    What is the Cost to Install a Gas Log Fire?

    While all installations differ, depending on your space, type of house, and type of heater – we are able to provide you a competitive quote for the highest quality of service.


    Do I need a professional to install a gas log heater?

    Yes! Gas Log Heater installation requires a special license in Victoria, so be sure to hire someone with the correct certifications – as well as insurance as you would with any other trade! Prime Plumbing checks all the boxes, so call today for a quote for your gas heater installation Melbourne wide!


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