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    What better way to brave the cold Melbourne winter than sitting by your own classic wood fireplace? Nothing quite captivates a mood quite like the flickering flame, a quiet crackle, the smell of a roasted marshmallow. Heck at Christmas there’s even an open fireplace show on Netflix!


    So you have decided to buy a Wood Heater, What now?

    Great question, now you have obtained your new wood fire heater, you need to find the right person to install it for you. Here’s some helpful information for you!


    How are Wood Fire Heaters Installed?

    Wood heater installation is a tricky task that requires a special license and cannot be performed by just anyone. The best way to arrange your wood fire heater installer is to contact a professional, such as Alister at Prime Plumbing to help you with your installation Melbourne wide! There are many things to consider so it is always first to seek advice from the experts.


    How much Does Wood Fireplace Installation Cost?

    The cost of installation will be based on a few different things, including your house (single, double storey) and the type of wood heater you want to be installed. For help on deciding what type of wood heater works best for you call Alister on 0475 407 670 today!


    What Type of Fuel should I use for a Wood Fire?

    There are many different options for your fireplace, so let’s start at hardwoods versus softwoods. Hardwoods will burn hotter and slower, which is ideal for getting the job of heating your home done well! These hardwoods are typically more expensive than softwoods. Softwoods are generally cheaper, however can smoke more as well as leave more ash behind. Absolutely avoid any treated or painted wood, driftwood, MDF, or compressed paper products. Please do your research on any specific wood you wish to burn to ensure it is safe!


    Who is the Best Wood Fire Heater Installer in Melbourne?

    Well, that’s Alister at Prime Plumbing & Gasfitting! You’ve come to the right place, that’s for sure.

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