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Everyone Deserves Great Tasting Water at Home!

Have you ever just like, really needed a glass of water? You are surprisingly not alone. First of all, we need water to live. Secondly, you need it to cook. You also need it to clean.
When you stop to think about just how much water we use in our lives, wouldn’t you want the best quality of water available?

At Prime Plumbing we are here to help you find the best possible water filter system for your needs, installed right in your home! Whether it be under sink chillers, water coolers, reverse osmosis systems, you name it – we can help.

Servicing Melbourne wide, including locations such as St Kilda, Scoresby, Glen Waverley, and beyond We are happy to assist with any and all questions related to your water filter installation requirements – we can also provide a quote to help you work out whether water filtration in your home or business is the right thing for you! Trade-in that naughty bottled water habit and help save the environment – we local plumbers need your business more than people selling water for $4 a bottle do!

Why Should I Get Water Filtration in my Home or Office?

  • The water will taste better.
  • Harmful chemicals will be removed
  • You will save money compared to bottled water
  • Help the environment by removing plastics
  • Better tasting food!

Why Shouldn’t I get Water Filtration?

  • You Should

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