Hydronic Heating in Melbourne

Hydronic Heating is a fantastic option for heating your home, one that is comfortable, efficient, and able to be adjusted to suit your ideal temperature. By circulating warm water through your home, you are able to achieve this in a very simple way!

At Prime Plumbing and Gasfitting, we care not only about the health and value for money for our customers but the environment too! For Melbourne’s chilly winters, Hydronic Heating might be for you!

This heating solution is suitable for any property, be it while renovating, building, or buying a home. There is a solution available for any purpose. For more information on Hydronic Heating in Melbourne please contact Prime Plumbing today for more information.


Hydronic heating is environmentally friendly.
It reduces allergens in the air, compared to a traditional heating system.
The running costs are less expensive due to its efficient design.

Find out how much you could save with Hydronic Heating


“Hydronic Radiators” are systems that use a series of pipework that deliver hot water to radiator panels in the desired location in your home. Each individual radiator is able to be adjusted individually, so you have full control over the heating system in your home for maximum comfort.
Hydronic Radiators also run very quietly, or even silent – for those cold Melbourne nights when you are snuggled up in bed!

“Hydronic In Slab Heating” is as it sounds, where warm water will be channeled through ‘floor circuits’ that are embedded in your slab. These are a perfect solution for your whole house, or even just for bathrooms or other areas of the tome where heat might be required. The systems can also be zoned should you only need to heat one area at a time.


To keep your hydronic heating system working efficiently and to avoid costly repairs to breakdowns, we recommend preventative maintenance to ensure your system is running as well as it can and avoid costly repairs. Prime Plumbing is available all over Melbourne for your hydronic heating service and maintenance needs.

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