What is the best Hot Water System for me?

It’s that time of year where we get to enjoy the “how bout that weather, bit wet out” multiple times a day. Whether you are working from home paying for your own heat, in the office with a locked thermostat, or out on site where, let’s be honest, you are doing a bit tougher than the office people!

My point is, it’s cold. What all of the above can agree on is that a hot shower is the best way to start or end your day. And if you were to jump in and find yourself greeted by a wet arctic blast to the face, it’d probably ruin your day. How do we avoid this happening? You want a reliable hot water system. Here’s what you should consider before you replace or install a new hot water system.

Types of Hot Water Systems

As much as we at Prime Plumbing appreciate you want a hard and fast answer, there’s a bit of thought to put into it! If you do want a hard and fast answer, you can always call Alister on 0475 407 670 and he will give you the best advice based on your requirement for a Hot Water System

Electric Hot Water System

Pro: Usually cheaper upfront, can utilise solar power.

Con: Costs a bit more long term, not great for the environment.

Gas Hot Water System

Pro: Better for the environment, lower usage rates

Con: Only available if you are connected to gas mains. Replacing the gas bottle in the rain would suck.

Solar Hot Water System

Pro: You can brag about saving the environment, significant cost savings

Con: Costs a bit to set up, long streaks of overcast days will need to utilise gas or electric backup.

Just when you thought you had all the info you needed – Storage or Instantaneous?

Yep, more useful information from your friends at Prime Plumbing. Each of these types of hot water systems has its benefits, depending on your personal needs. While both will work, one might be more suitable for your situation!

Instant Hot Water System

Pros: Heats water as needed, does not run out!

Cons: Installation costs can be higher, depending on how your home is set up 

Stored Hot Water System

Pros: Cheaper and easier installation, consistent temperatures

Cons: Can be more expensive to run as keeping water at temp, can cause arguments if some inconsiderate jerk hogs the hot water. (we’ve all been there)

Hot Water System Brands

Hopefully, the information above gives you a bit more of an idea of what works best for you, the trade-off is typically set up costs vs long time operational costs. A first home upgrade for a single person might be fine with a storage unit, where a family of six might want to avoid world war 3 and (please) get an instantaneous system. 


The Mighty Bosch brand is a household name for many reasons, their products are the pinnacle of German engineering, from car parts to washers, dryers, manufacturing, tools, software, and yes, even hot water systems. If you enjoy your tech, it’s definitely worth checking out their models that allow Bluetooth connectivity through your phone!


Other than the catchy jingle, Rheem is known for providing a great range across all systems, shapes, and sizes. They are easy to use, reliable, and are generally good value for money.


You may have already heard of the infinity already, one of the most popular continuous hot water systems that are available – it is definitely a great option if you are looking to go down that path for your new system. Rinnai has a large range of products and accessories to suit all purposes.

Cool, that’s a lot of info – What next?

Right. So with all the info above you have a tough decision to make, but we here at Prime Plumbing believe you can do it! 

Gas, Elec, or Solar?

Storage or Instant?

Do you want to be able to see how hot your water is while you are on the toilet?

It’s all possible!

If you’ve made it this far and have not yet decided, give Alister at Prime Plumbing a call on 0475 407 670 and he will walk you through it

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