When Can You Do Your Own Plumbing Work?

Hi Everyone! Your favourite plumber Alister here with some handy info for you that could save a lot of time, money, and heartbreak

A question I am often asked is “so, can I try and do this plumbing job myself?”

I mean, you COULD try – you MIGHT save some money, but with certain jobs the risk is very high and could even void your insurance. So perhaps it’s best to give your favourite plumber in Melbourne a call first just to talk things through.

I understand it can be tempting to give it a crack yourself, but it’s important to know that plumbing is a licenced trade. This means that only those who are qualified and insured should be doing the work. A plumber will ensure the work is done to the highest standard to protect yourself, your family, your house, heck even your neighbours.

There are a few odd jobs you can tackle yourself, and these minor repairs can be solved by having a look on Youtube, asking your mate who’s a bit handy, or even some tips from this blog. But beware, local councils, shires, states all have their own laws which may change – if in doubt, give me a call on 0475 407 670 and i’ll be happy to help you out!

Now, here’s the fun part – what you can have a crack at yourself at home.

  • Swap out that old toilet seat to a fancy soft close one
  • Upgrade your shower head. To save water or just for fun
  • Clean your sinks & drains, everybody loves vinegar and bicarb soda volcanos
  • Clear out your gutters – be careful on a ladder!

What happens if I think I am above the law?

Good luck to you, if you choose to plumb without a licence its very important to consider the consequences. Your insurance could be affected, this is not just limited to property insurance, but home insurance as well. If you ever try and sell your place it could even get picked up by a conveyancers checks.

So if you want to avoid the potential hassle of

Time burned by cleaning up

Money spent buying new things

Your friends, parents, or partner saying “I told you so”

Then you should probably call a licensed plumber.

If you are reading this blog and currently in this situation, the good news is I know a good plumber.

(Hint, it’s me)

Prime Plumbing and Gasfitting are available to help you with all of your requirements, from leaking taps, hot water system installations, toilet repairs, and more. Give Alister a call on 0475 407 670 or contact us.

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