When to Replace a Hot Water System?

When is The Right Time to Replace a Hot Water System?

Most people including you might be wondering how often you should replace your water heater. Well, just to be straight, this depends on several factors. An ordinary water heater works well for around ten years. However, this limit will really depend on how well you maintain it. 

So, if you look after your water heater well by following all the necessary steps chances are that your water heater will last much longer. But still, the question arises – When is the right time to replace a hot water system? 

  • The Unit is a Rust Box

If your water heater is getting rustier than an old shovel, it might  be time for you to plan to replace it. A bit of rust alone does not signify that you should replace your water heater, there are a few other things to consider – But rust will indicate that your water heater has become a bit past its prime and might have reduced in efficiency.

  • It’s making a racket

Does it sound like an old tractor? You can also listen to see if your hot water heater is making a noise while working. If your water heating is making some irregular out-of-ordinary noise then it can indeed be time to consider replacing it with a new one. A rusty water heater that makes noise will soon stop working well, and likely be annoying as all hell.  So, you should probably start thinking about replacement.

  • The things too darn hot

No – not the water – the hot water unit itself! If your water heater system is way too hot while working, there may well be a malfunction. This indicates that it is not working well and that you should either get it fixed or if the problem persists then, you need to replace this water heater with a new one to avoid any bigger risk. Burns Suck, as do cold showers. 

  • It “came with the house”

Another most important factor that you should pay a lot of attention to is the age of the water heater. So, if your hot water heater is way too old then, you should not wait for other factors and should replace it with a new one. The age of the water heater is based on the day it was installed and began use – if you have inherited an ancient system, perhaps better safe than sorry and replace that bad boy.

  • The hot water system isn’t providing hot water.

If the water the unit is putting out just aint hot – then perhaps (maybe, just maybe) it’s time to look at replacing the useless waste of space and power!

These were a few of the factors that need to be taken into consideration while deciding to either buy a new water heater or get the old one fixed. Always focus on the operational efficiency of the water heater and any element of safety!

Unless you like cold showers – of course.

For more information on if its the right time to replace your existing hot water system, contact Alister at Prime Plumbing on 0475 407 670

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